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New Year, New Blog

Mary Baker


With new years come new beginnings. 

Beginnings often inspire me to do something exciting, different, and challenging. For a while I have felt the strong desire to begin a tangible accountability of my decision to seek the truth of abundance. We are promised abundance. Abundance sounds like a really good promise, I’m just not exactly sure what it means. I want to begin unfolding its secrets wrapped in rainy mornings, mountaintops, grace and peace.

For so long I have believed lies of mediocrity. I have allowed the expectations of the world to hold me captive. I think I have been so afraid to live removed from the expectations of the world and under the reality of the Kingdom of God, because the world seems to have less rules, less “can’ts” and more “cans”…. But truthfully, there is a tangible freedom to be had in the realization of our inheritance of abundance.

I spent the past six months entirely in my head.

Something was stirring in the depths of me.

Something was following me, stalking me, appearing in my dreams, phone calls, books, conversations with old friends… Something really wanted to find me.


Abundance. Abundance. Abundance.

It was unrelenting. It made me uncomfortable. I couldn’t sleep. My soul ached with the pain of homesickness. I wanted to forget this haunting word, because once I knew it existed nothing else was good enough. Nothing else satisfied. My old comforts suddenly lost their appeal. There is something more… Something big. Something great. Something seemingly out of reach.

Being a junior in college, abundance seemed to be something to come later. This is just preparation for whatever “abundance” is.  I’m just learning my way now… Once I am graduated I will find a job and then there will be abundance. Or maybe abundance comes with having a family of your own. Or maybe abundance is when you drop everything and move to another country. Maybe it’s in the mountains or the desert or Africa or in being a mother or in writing a book. Abundance is such an extreme word it couldn’t possibly be in the ordinary.


Abundance isn’t a destination. It is THE JOURNEY. It's a mind set. It's an every day choice. So, I am writing about my journey of abundance. I am beginning this blog with the hopes to discover the truth of our inheritance as sons of God. 

Also- this is very much so a learning process. Here is my very messy first attempt at this "blog" thing.