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Kingdom Dreaming

Mary Baker

Today was rainy and cold, dreary and beautiful. I love when the sky is gray and the earth is wet with rain and all I want to do is drink a never-ending cup of tea and read books about beautiful things. Or take a walk and drink in the damp, fresh air like medicine. Or watch an old movie that makes me the good-kind-of-sad curled up in a mountain of blankets.

I bundled up, made honey vanilla chamomile tea, and walked my favorite trail. It curves and bends around trees and creeks in the most peaceful way. Gray days make me think, so I thought and I walked. I thought in an effortless way, breathing in the earth and drinking my tea. My thoughts turned into dreams. I was dreaming of writing books, climbing mountains, waking up in Yosemite. I was coming alive.

I felt the Lord tell me to write all of my dreams down. Big and small, bold and unreserved. Free from fear, rejection, and any it's-not-possible-why-bothers.

So, I came home. Made more tea. Opened to a new page in my favorite journal and labeled it “Kingdom Dreams”. Then, I started writing.

I realized how long I have ached to hear the Lord say, “Dream with Me…”. To sit for hours and think of all of the things I want to do in life, asking Him to awaken passions and dreams and ideas in me… dreams that bring Heaven to earth. Kingdom dreams.