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Morning Glory

Mary Baker

The sun just barely creeps through my window. It breathes its warm orange glow on the sleepy world; the miracle of a new day. All is quiet and peaceful and fresh. Pure. Mornings are Hope, filled with opportunity and promise. I love drinking my warm coffee wrapped in the comfort of my blankets, slowly waking up.

This stillness, this comfort and warmth, has become my favorite secret place with the Lord. I steal the early hours of the day and let Him wake me with His love and joy and goodness. Discovering how to enjoy His presence has set me free. In His presence He tells me who I am and who He is... and not just who He is, but who He is to me. The very person of Jesus, not the theory or idea or explanation of Jesus. I align my heart with His Love. I learn and I unlearn. Fear, competition, comparison, anxiety, selfishness, and chaos all fall off...  Experiencing Him has restored my heart. I breathe in His freedom... His tangible peace and overwhelming love.

His presence is our reality...That is the most beautiful realization. He is closer than our breath, and not just in the comfort of my secret morning, but in every second.

Enjoying His presence is simple and beautiful with no expectations or obligations. I know this sounds like a whimsical thought or a dramatic idea.... But I believe it is Truth.

As the Sun overcomes the darkness and rises to wake the earth, I am restored. I am free.