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A Quiet Heart

Mary Baker





On a beautiful, clear night last summer I looked up and I felt Hope. I heard a whisper to internalize the way the sun set against the mountains and the sky turned pink and purple and the cool air fell into the valley and a chill ran down my spine. That an internal peace is the greatest weapon.

Today is a dreary monday morning. Mondays bring the busyness of the week in all of its deadlines, to-do-lists, and obligations. In a chaotic and busy world, I am reminded of the whisper in the mountains.

The world defines peace as "freedom from disturbance; quiet and tranquil". Externally, I cannot be free from disturbance... The world is not quiet.. It is not always a mountain sunset or a slow morning or a starry beach sky. It is in constant demand of our attention and time. It is loud and busy. 

True, Heavenly peace is an internal constant. It is beyond circumstance or situation. It is the steady trust and love and hope for something so much bigger and more beautiful and lovely and powerful and wonderful than I can begin to understand.

It is the the peace of Heaven reigning in the heart and soul. I picture the purple sky.

To be calm, gentle, and peaceful does not mean to lose passion. It means to be unshakable. A peaceful soul is one that has the Trust to sleep in the storm yet the Power to move many mountains.