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Mary Baker


T H E  S E I F E R T  W E D D I N G

Sarah Gabel + Micheal, March 11th | a beautiful day. is Sarah Gabel not the most beautiful bride? she is so radiant, and the way Micheal looks at her is just about the sweetest thing. there were a lot, a lot of sweet and happy tears. the morning was so peaceful with the rain gently falling. oh, it added such a sweet depth + romance to the day. when the sky cleared for a little, we all ran out in front of the lake and big wooden cross for pictures. as we were finishing, the rain started to come down again and everyone ran inside laughing and smiling, so much JOY! the ceremony was so beautiful, filled with handwritten vows and a very excited bride + groom. after, everyone headed to Rockhurst Farm for the reception. oh my goodness, the dance floor was so much fun. really, can we just do it all over again?!

xox, MGB

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