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Mary Baker


The Awtreys

Northern California's fresh mountain air breathes so much creativity. The landscape is so beautifully understated. The color scheme in the Valley is perfectly neutral and minimalist. Dusk is my favorite time here. The sun glows as it begins to set and the air turns sweet and crisp. It really is a dream. Thomas + Rachel are sweet, beautiful (inside + out)  friends of mine who got married in May and moved out here for the summer. We celebrated their sweet new marriage and laughed this entire session. The creative freedom was so, so fun, and gave me such clear direction for my vision + pursuit of photography. 

"Modern minimalism with classic timelessness"

Location: Northern California

Rachel's Top: Anthropologie | Striped shaw + shoes: Old Navy

Thomas's Shirt: Banana Republic | Watch: Daniel Wellington | Shoes: Vans

Rachel has a lifestyle blog and you should 100 % go check it out: http://rachelawtrey.com