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"Come with me.."

Mary Baker

Yesterday, listening to a sermon on God's great and tremendous Love, He leaned in close and whispered, "Oh, beloved, what your life would look like if you actually believed just how much I love you..."

My heart skipped a beat. His presence filled my being. I closed my eyes and I saw Him reach His hand out to me. He said, "My beloved, come with me."

He took me to the highest of mountains looking out over the world. The world was different. There was an open Heaven, spilling out into the green valleys, raining down on the forest, filling the ocean, quenching the so-thirsty earth. Oh, what if I jumped into the Ocean of Grace, right into the deepest part, and let it swirl around me and I came up for air only to dive deeper and deeper? What if I let the water change me? 

I stood in the deepest of valleys that showed the mountains in all of their glory. Awe struck, I danced and twirled in the green, green grass with tall flowers and the smell of honey flooding the air. I felt purpose and peace and comfort in the midst of something new. 

"My beloved, what if your chief joy was seeing My people run back into My warm embrace? So much so that you would go to the ends of the earth, you would walk through fire, nothing could stop you from reaching My people?" 

The ocean will change me. I will jump in and let the water swirl around me and I'll come up for air into a new world with an open Heaven spilling out over me and around me. I will go to the ends of the earth. I will walk through fire and not be burned for I have been saved by the swirling ocean of Grace, the Lord reached His hand out to me and I took it. I will never be the same. It will never be the same, now that I believe how much He loves me. I will spend my life learning how much He loves me. Then, one day, when this world is no longer my home, I will run into His arms in Heaven and I will realize it has always been more wonderful and overwhelming than I ever could of dreamed.