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Mary Baker



"Time stands still best in moments that look suspiciously like ordinary life." -Brian Andreas

I've been asleep for a while. Missing the beauty, the magic, the good. I've been sleeping in the lie of mediocrity and mundane. I let my life become a string of mondays held together with complacency and boredom. Wake up! 

The ordinary is beautiful. The simple, the "small". Where did my passion go? When did I stop dreaming of lavender fields and cotton candy skies and mountains and the sound of the rain hitting the window singing me to sleep? 

I fell asleep when I believed that life is ordinary. When I started to feel entitled to friends who make me laugh the deep kind of laugh that almost hurts and to a little sister who lights the world with her bright blue, curious eyes and to a warm bed with soft white sheets and to education that makes my head spin around and learn and unlearn and to the warm cup of coffee steaming and strong and to the grace that finds me in even the deepest of waters and saves me again, and again, and again. Wake up! These are all gifts. All extraordinary gifts that make the ordinary extra. There is no mediocre, there is no mundane when a life is lived with a thankful heart that beats for something Bigger and more Beautiful than the way the sun sinks behind the clouds and leaves the world a purple Heaven. 

In everything we are extraordinary and extraordinarily loved and whatever glory we may see or feel today is only the faintest of portions of the Glory we will swim in and live in and breathe in Forever.