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Freedom's Calling

Mary Baker


I've been in California for almost three weeks now. So much has happened since my bare feet finally hit the California ground again. This is the first time I have sat down in front of my computer to write in what feels like forever. It feels good. 

I have the most beautiful job this summer. I am one of two photographers for my favorite place in the world- JH Ranch. I get to capture the most beautiful moments filled with mountains, tears, joy, freedom, victory, laughter, and stars. It makes me come alive. I feel a new passion- it drives me into the most beautiful situations. I get to make the moments last forever. I get to freeze them through the lens of my camera, boxing up all of the emotions and passion and beauty so that the moment is never lost.

It's so funny how photography and writing are so similar to me. They both capture moments, protecting them and preserving them forever. The picture to left was taken in the morning light. The air was cool and crisp and I felt like the creek was purifying the air with it's constant and consistent flow. And I got to capture that feeling, that peace. Wow.

These past almost-three weeks have been such an adventure of learning. Learning my camera... learning myself. I realized that I have a lifetime of learning about the beautiful freedom of a life of reckless abandon for God. The stars here keep whispering "I love you, I love you, you are safe", and the mountains keep yelling. "You are so free! You are so so so free!" And I fell in love with the safe freedom of this surrendered life. Safety in the freedom of Jesus. I am free from fear, any fear, all fear. No fear of night or fear of failure or fear of the future or fear of comparison. Just free! I am free to be myself and to love being myself. I am free to love myself... Wow. I am free to live completely in His presence. I am safe! I am safe here in His arms. I am protected and cared for and seen and pursued and covered and held so tightly.  

Freedom's calling- it sounds like the wind, the sky, the pounding of a heart and the chills down a spine and the tears down cheeks and arms open, dancing and celebrating- can you hear it???