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We Will Not Be Shaken

Mary Baker


I have always loved words. Written words, especially. I love the way they combine and flow and create something beautiful. I love the way they make permanent a memory or a feeling or a sunrise... 

Lately, there has been a new fear associated with my words. Now that I put my intimate, personal revelations and feelings on display, I find myself writing less... With so much going on in the world, I feel like I can't write about my favorite coffee or a morning revelation. I feel like I will seem ignorant or naive. Which, maybe I am... but I think there is a certain responsibility on us to keep celebrating. To keep celebrating beautiful things amongst the broken. 

This morning I wrote an entire post about the peace of a snow day. I had the news on and I didn't press publish.

While my heart breaks for the broken, it also celebrates a certain Victory. Yes, we fight today. We have to keep fighting. Fighting and praying, praying, praying for Love and for peace and for Hope... but we aren't fighting for victory. We have Victory. I believe we are fighting to show the world Who has already won. 

So, I choose to live not in fear... Fear of public opinion, fear of the broken, fear of death or life or anything in-between. I choose to celebrate and to pray, pray, pray and to keep fighting to show the world the Hope that is everything beautiful to me.

"Heaven is filled with absolute, perfect confidence in God. The world is filled with absolute mistrust. And you and I will always reflect the nature of the world we are most aware of. What you live conscious of is what you will reproduce in the world around you. I try to live in such a way that nothing ever gets bigger in my awareness than my conscious awareness of the presence of God upon me. I don't care what the problem is; if it is an international crisis or a personal issue, the moment that problem gets bigger than my awareness of the presence of God on me, then I will live in reaction to a problem." -Bill Johnson, Manifesto for a Normal Christians Life