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Stay productive while working from home.

Mary Baker

Monday Morning Inspiration:

Working from home? 

Me too. Here are some of the ways I stay inspired, creative, and motivated. 

1. Greenery. I keep indoor plants scattered around my workspace. They always inspire + uplift. Also, plants act as a natural air purifier. 

2. Essential oils. I have an essential oil diffuser and I keep uplifting scents swirling through the air. My favorites are lavender + eucalyptus. Breathing in the healing oils helps prevent headaches from staring at a screen (which I definitely suffer from) and keeps me uplifted + alert. 

3. Natural light + open windows. I hate feeling "cooped up". I love to keep the blinds open with the sunlight pouring in, keeping my space bright and inspiring. If the weather is nice, I love to open the windows and let the fresh, crisp air in. Even though I have introverted tendencies, I definitely have to fight loneliness or isolation when I work from home. I love to see the cars passing, people walking, leaves falling, and the hustle + bustle of daily life. It makes me feel a part of the day.

4. Music. I keep background music playing constantly. I use Spotify to create playlists that keep me relaxed and productive. Today, I am playing The Lumineers, Lord Huron, and Leon Bridges. Mhmm.

5. Coffee. Always. Last week, I found a milk frother on sale and have been sippin' a constant café au lait.