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to my favorite girls


F R I D A Y 


four o'clock in the afternoon at my house, 207 magnolia avenue


six o'clock at the eastern shore art center.

*we can all walk over together from my house. 


getting ready

the morning of, i am getting ready with my mama + sister at my grandmother's house.




down + wavy, flowy, romantic up-do, any way that you feel beautiful.



glowy, beachy, bright, more-than-normal. with the colors, i think natural + neutral eyes and lips. beige, nude, pinks, etc.

*i planned on everyone doing their own hair and makeup, because the day is more laid-back and i love the idea of more natural looks.

(if you want to have someone do hair or makeup or both, text me and i will send you information for places near my house)


whatever shoes are comfortable for walking in grass (the aisle is grass) and dancing. i think anything neutral in the beige, nude, pink-ish would be perfect.